Love at 27

*Written last year for my parents’ anniversary. Same date today. Title was changed from “Love at 26” to “Love at 27”.

One day, my parents fetched me from school. Papa was driving; Mama was on the front seat, me on the back, of course. So yeah, Papa was complaining about the traffic jam that time. My eyes were actually closed that time, I was trying to sleep but I can tell he was switching gears in seconds, stepping on the clutch, gas, break too often when all of a sudden, Mama burst into belly laughs. I didn’t bother opening my eyes.

Mama: (laughs too hard) Ano to ya?
Papa: Ang ano to haw?
Mama: Pastyle ka pa da.
Papa: Ano gani to haw?
Mama: Kuno abi gailis gear, chansing2 ka pa da. (Giggles)

Ma, I’m sorry but I was all ears that time. ;p

I will never forget that moment and all the other moments they had with the four of us in front of them.

One thing I can truly be proud of, the thing which I can truly be boastful of, is the kind of marriage my parents have. We are not rich but indeed, the love is overflowing, I can’t deny. I never saw them fight, never heard them argue which made me respect them more. I saw submissiveness, patience, sweetness (my personal favorite), transparency, and honesty… I would elaborate but I am sure all my words will just sound so surreal.

What they have really inspires me. It’s not what you think it is, not anytime soon! Haha. They inspire me to be a good wife SOMEDAY, to be in a marriage like that of theirs. The pressure is on and I admit besides cats,this is what I am most afraid of – failing in a relationship. I love it when they talk to each other for long hours even if they were together the whole day. With that I realized that couples should not talk about their similarities all the time but rather their differences. So screw those who break up due to “differences.” LOL. Since Papa’s away most of the time, I often think that the moment he steps out of the house and kisses Mama goodbye, he immediately misses her (this one’s for sure because I know Papa sends text messages only a few seconds after he leaves the house). Β One thing I am amazed of is how they know what the other needs. It’s different especially with the 11-year age gap.

Love is love after all, nothing can defy that.

They are not ashamed of showing us, their children, how much they adore each other. I learned how to value hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s” because of them.

I wonder how many sweet nothings they have had all these years. I wish I could reach even half the number.

Taken in 2009: Silver Wedding

*Happy 27th Wedding Anniversary to my Mama and Papa! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Love at 27

  1. Wow! Happy anniversary to your Papa and Mama. I sent you an email. I got your response only yesterday. I was unable to open wordpress in Iloilo. Hope to see you next time.

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