Adobong Manok with Love

When Filipinos go abroad, one particular Filipino dish that they will miss is the Adobo whether it be Adobong Baboy orAdobong Manok. I don’t know if you can feel it too but the word Adobo just seems so Filipino that you can actually taste it just upon hearing it. Actually, Adobo is a Spanish word which means seasoning or marinade. Now we can tell where the influence came from. The main procedure in cooking Adobo is stewing the pork or chicken in vinegar, the essential ingredient in this recipe. This is also a very practical dish because of its longer shelf life. Because of the vinegar, it can stay longer even without refrigeration. Each region, town, or even household has a unique way of cooking Adobo. The ingredients might be similar but there is just a bit of difference in the taste.

I love how my Sister, Julisa, cooks Adobong Manok or Adobong Baboy. We grew up  having our food spicy because of our Mother’s love for spicy food. So when it comes to Adobo, we also love it with lots of pepper bits! I particularly love eating the iwi part. You can really taste the spices when you eat the skin and the fatty parts of the chicken.

My sister once said, “Hindi na gawa namit kay wala ko sa mood sang ginluto ko.” She means the food isn’t so delicious because she wasn’t in the right mood when she cooked it and she was right! I didn’t think the meal was tasty. So, yes, it is true. It is tested and proven that when you cook, you should cook it with love, with a smile, wholeheartedly. The one who will be eating the food will know, for sure!

Vinegar isn’t the only essential ingredient when you cook Adobo. Add up some Love. 🙂


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