If it’s too much, let go

It was just a few minutes after the clock strikes ten. A couple walked passed us and by the tone of the man’s voice, you will surely notice that he was freaking mad with the woman. My family and I were having a good time chilling in the plaza until the couple interrupted us with their dispute. “Hambalan ta ka nga hindi ka gani di magkadto!” (I told you not to go here!) the man said.

We did not mind them except that I saw the man holding a stick maybe one foot in length and the woman had puffy eyes. When they were about twenty meters away from us, my Mother imperatively told us to look at them. The man was slapping the woman. She turned her back, ready to run in our direction but the man grabbed her and they started to walk towards the bridge. The woman struggled to get loose and when she did, she headed to a store but the man caught her again and started to slap her in the head. When she tried to run, he picked up a stone and threw it at her.

My Mother, who sympathized with the girl called the police and asked them if they could check out the couple. We did not get our eyes off them. They disappeared into the dark (below the bridge). One man from the store they passed by got out and stared into the blank street. When they appeared again, they went up the bridge, crossed the intersection and they were gone. Still, the woman was trying to free herself. The cops passed by us about five minutes later and we told them where the couple went.

I tried telling Papa to help the woman but he told me that it’s not the right thing to do. We don’t know if they were married and if they were having a fight. We just have to let them mind their own business.

Yes, I didn’t know what really happened between them but what I know is that a woman, whatever she is as a person, has to be respected by everyone especially by her husband. Maybe she did something wrong but whatever it was, she didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

I still keep on thinking about the reason why the man didn’t want the girl to go there (or somewhere). Love? Maybe it was the reason the girl went there.

Because once you got a woman’s heart, you can never get rid of her. Maybe the problem lies there. Most of the time, the woman loses all because of love. All because of a stupid man. All because men usually do not know how much a woman’s worth is. A woman, no matter how strong she is, when it comes to man, becomes weak, vulnerable. Not a lot of men understand that but a lot of men know that and they take advantage of it.

Just made me realize…. If you love people so much and you don’t want to lose them, never ever show them the “TOO MUCH” part because everybody takes advantage whenever it’s possible.

I heard a lot of stories from my friends.. my beautiful friends who became battered girlfriends. If not battered, they were taken advantage of. They were cheated and treated like a reserve. I don’t know if I really was one of them but after hearing someΒ advice from friends, they still end up forgiving and giving more chances. They know it’s too much. They know they’re being played with but they can’t just shake it off.

They just can’t let it go even it’s much more than too much.


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