Tuko Mania

Earlier this year, we knew about the good that we can get from being involved in the “buy-and-sell” of geckos or tuko in Hiligaynon. I first heard about this from my cousin when we saw two geckos inside my aunt’s home in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. Thousands of pesos are being earned out of this business. I was told of two reasons why the geckos are being sold in high prices – first, they are being researched in China to treat AIDS; and secondly, the Chinese believe that they bring a tsunami of good luck. Recently, I saw this issue in the news but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to listen attentively. But I guess I got the gist of the story just by hearing the word sindikato.

Anyway, after I heard about this from my cousin, I also got hyped up thinking of the paper bills that will go inside my wallet. I shared this idea to my nephew and nieces when I dropped by their house one afternoon. Few days later, they called to tell me that they caught one! So I decided to see if it was heavy or large enough to be sold. Too bad it was too small, I guess it was a malnourished one. We forgot about it and decided to play some games instead.

When suddenly out of the blue, my 6-year old nephew, Joseph, asked, “Tita Apple, Ianhun na ang tuko haw?” (Tita Apple, what is the tuko for?).  I answered, “Ginatun-an nila para himuon bulong kag dayun para kuno swerte.” (They are studying to make it into medicine and it is for luck). He asked again, “Teh ngaa ibaligya?” (Why does it have to be sold?) “Para makakwarta eh!” (For you to have money, of course!) 

He answered, “Puro nalang kwarta! Kwarta nalang tanan! Hay nga mga tawo!” (Everything is about money! Oh those people!) 

I burst into belly laughs. True enough. Lesson learned from a 6-year old.

Come on, sing with me! It’s not abut the money, money, money…. cha-ching cha-ching… ba-bling ba-bling….

P.S. Pardon my translation. I don’t know how. LOL. 


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