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Magic Potion

If there’s one title that perfectly fits me, a title which I can say is rightfully mine, that would probably be Sleepy Princess. Princess because Erica or Lizette is more rightful to be called Queen. I once was Queen but with a sting from a subtle yet toxic weapon, I was overruled. I was poisoned by a potion which I willingly took, without any form of coercion. I was set into a trance, lured into a prance. A dance was discreetly laced in my mind so it could command the rest of my body to be in euphoria. I was caught off guard and its magical scent and unexplainable savor captured my very weakness. Continue reading

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Because I took the Board Exam

For several weeks now, I have been scribbling insights and things to write about in my mind. Life became too fast after the board exams and I became quite preoccupied just a day or two after the boards. Yes, I already took the Philippine Nurses’ Licensure Exams. Continue reading


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