Because I took the Board Exam

For several weeks now, I have been scribbling insights and things to write about in my mind. Life became too fast after the board exams and I became quite preoccupied just a day or two after the boards. Yes, I already took the Philippine Nurses’ Licensure Exams.

Two quarters of my 2011 were dedicated for the PNLE. I left home for a boarding house so that I would not be distracted and I only went home every weekend to have my clothes laundered. It was my first time to leave home for a long time and indeed, it was a one of a kind experience. After two months of living at DB’s Hometel, which by the way, is very ideal for students and board reviewees to live in, my batchmates and I moved into Holy Rosary Reflection Center in Calumpang. For nearly a month, our routine was to wake up at 4:30 am, bathe, take a nap, hear mass at 6am, breakfast at 7am, Reviews sessions from 8-12 noon and 1-5pm then visiting hour until 6pm; then dinner, then prayers, then review sessions, then study again. All we had to do was to study, sleep, and eat so you can say that most of us really put on some weight! :/

We got used to studying all the time that we didn’t notice that time flew so swiftly. We never thought December 18 and 19 would come that fast, the most dreadful days of my life so far. I cannot describe the exam. I don’t know if it was really easy or if I’m just making it hard myself. But I’ve done what I could and I know God will work his ways.

It was during our in-house review that I realized that this is the turning point of my life right now, the most significant developmental crisis that I would have to go through. It is like puberty, like giving birth, like retirement, or menopause. It means that I’m in the process of attaining change. It’s like lifting my foot and leaving it hanging until the results come out and I can finally say that I can land my foot a step higher. I need to pass this. I realized that I really should be what I ought to be because I can always be what I want to be anyway.

And yes, I’m claiming it! In a few day’s time… I’ll be what they want me to be, what I ought to be.


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