Tales from Thailand: Malls and Shopping

Perhaps you all have heard about how great shopping is in Thailand. I don’t know exactly how many malls there are in Bangkok alone but I’m grateful I visited eight considering the short time we were there. With visit I mean spending a maximum of 3 hours inside a mall and still not be able to go around every corner. I often find myself going in circles! The malls are huge! I was inside a mall when the song Round Round by the Sugababes played and true enough, my head and eyes were going round and round.

Siam Center, Siam Discovery Center, Siam Paragon.

Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center are twin shopping malls and Siam Paragon is adjacent with them. We actually got off the taxi in front of Siam Paragon, strolled around a bit and saw some high-class restaurants and stores. We exited somewhere and was stunned by the dancing little fountains outside. We went into a building again, I guess that was already Siam Center then perhaps into another building that should be Siam Discovery Center. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is there and that was where we’re heading to. They also have Siam Ocean World, which we missed and I regret it. We already planned of going to Manila Ocean Park upon returning to the Philippines and it really disappointed us.

Anyway, in these three malls you will find the branded clothes, shoes, gadgets and everything else you can think of. From pillowcases to vases to Iphones, and groceries.

MBK (Mabungkrong) Mall.

We didn’t spend so much time in MBK Mall because of the large crowds and golly, we were tired. But this one is also very near the Siam Malls, just across the street.

Indra Mall.

Indra Mall is similar to Marymart Mall in Iloilo. I think spaces were rented and various merchandise were also being sold here. Some stores sell very cheap but some also expensive. You can find an Iphone which costs only about P10,400 here! LOL! ;p

Seacon Square and Paradise Park.

… are only a few blocks away from each other. Here you will also find popular brands and compared to Indra and MBK, only a few people come here, I think, but t doesn’t mean they’re not good!

The Mall Bangkapi.

This is my favorite mall in Bangkok! I have no particular reason but I just can’t help myself drool on these!

But the best places to go shopping in Bangkok are:

Pratunam Market.

You can easily go here when you ride the Airport Link. It’s just outside Indra Mall. If ever you are lost or if you want to get the good buys, you can just look up and let the Baiyoke Tower guide you. Below the tower is the pot of gold.

Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Don’t miss Chatuchak! It’s a huge place and we only got to buy stuff from the streets, never really had the chance to go into the areas with the roofs! In three or four hours, we were only until the third station, it has a lot more.

Tawanna Market.

Tawanna is only outside The Mall Bangkapi. Its area is also very large and you will surely be confused with all the nice goods you see.

Trust me, you should spend one or two days in one market and you should bring lots of money because I know you don’t want to get headaches with all the nice things you see there.

If only I had all the time and a great deal of money, I’d spend a lot shopping!


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