Let me begin by saying I wrote this just minutes before Valentine’s Day of 2012 ends.

I don’t know why I can’t remember what happened Valentine’s Day of last year, I must’ve repressed the memory. But a particular Valentine memory is etched in my heart and mind. I can still remember every detail of it, how I ended up smiling even in my dreams. It was a typical Valentine treat (or trick), a common effort but that was what made it special. Even if it did not have a happily ever after, thinking about it still makes me giggle.

Facebook and Twitter were flooded by “People call it Valentines, I call it Tuesday” posts. I’m also fed up with clichรฉs like “We should make everyday seem like Valentines” and “.. spendingย  it with family and friends, people I truly love.” I’m just irritated because it’s being posted way too many times and I’ve been reading things like that every Valentines Day but I actually love how people make it to a point that they celebrate today. Seeing those tall, macho men carrying bouquets, cakes, catching a guy in a flower shop who seemed to be arguing with himself about what flowers to give to whoever, and staring at those couples cuddling even in the jeepney made my heart go giddy-yup!

About two months ago, when the final words were said, I expected myself to be bitter today. I thought I was going to post my not-so-happy, dramatic Valentine greeting I posted on FB two years ago again. The Lord has been so good to me He blessed me with a very productive day – chores and errands done, fastfood and a nice chitchat with a dear friend, and a dozen of orange roses delivered by LBC. It’s a Happy Valentine’s Day after all.

The best thing today was that Papa arrived in Japan and we finally got to talk to him after 29 days or so. The long stem red rose I bought really passed off as a gift for Mama from Papa. The fact that Mama lit up instantly when is now online popped up in Skype after 27 years of marriage just amazes me.

Fried chicken. Iced tea. Mango Float. Breaking Dawn. I had a blast tonight.

Edward: No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let’s start with forever. Argh! Kilig!

Oh yeah, something is about to dawn right before my eyes. Something is about to begin.

Happy Heart’s Day!


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