February 16, 2012

Dear POMP,

I never thought today was going to be a very special day in my life. The day didn’t start that well, I still had colds and my nose was literally like a faucet. I went to Inter-Faith Christian Academy, the school where I graduated elementary from to help with the Blood Letting activity there. I took breaks while taking the vital signs because of my irritating nose (I’m really hating it until now).

I went home and did some chores and checked Facebook and Twitter from time to time. I got hungry so I bought batchoy, a solo pizza, and siopao. Ma and I had some snacks and decided to watch Black Swan. I fell asleep a little and checked my Facebook again. I was stunned by BJ’s post:

The lucky 33.92% New RNs. =) Sobers increased, suicidal ideations increased, unemployment increased, retakers plenty, yet standards significantly increased. =)

I chatted with him and he told me our school got a 100% passing rate. I wasn’t convinced though. I cried but I wanted to really see my name on the list of board passers. The internet was so slow and I was feeling so nervous. After about 10 minutes of agony….

It’s real!!!! My systemΒ  is yet to absorb the thought and the feeling but yeah! I MADE IT! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! Can you hear me singing that like Dora the Explorer does?

But all of this would not be possible without the Lord. IT IS THE LORD. That’s always the thing there. When the results weren’t in yet and I look back, I feel a jolt of nervousness when I think about the nights when I fell asleep and the moments I spent playing and laughing around. But He’s always there, listening to me and keeping my faith alive. πŸ™‚

Of course, I want to thank my family especially my Papa and Mama, who tried very hard to provide me with all that I need and for making me. Thanks for the genes, folks! My siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephew, etc. who are always there to support me and make me laugh!

St. Paul University Iloilo is the top performing school and I recommend all senior high school students who are planning to take up Nursing to enroll there. Yes, I thank you, SPUI, for teaching us everything that we should know not only about Nursing but about life. I wouldn’t be this motivated if not for the company of my batchmates, the Angeli Beati Domini 2011. We really hold hands together, no matter what.

I’m just so overwhelmed today and I’m sorry if this is a very dragging post. But yey! Yay! Yey! Yi!!! Next stop: PRC for oathtaking and registration. Then let’s see what God’s will is.

Yehey to Two-Zero-One-Two! πŸ™‚

Happily yours,

Apple and her runny nose



  1. very nice! very very proud of you my apple of the eye..really2 proud of you…YES! YOU ARE FROM GOD THE ALMIGHTY. 6years in the making! iloveyou soooooomuch our Pangga!!!:)) God Be With You Always.

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