Iloilo: For the Love of Coffee and Books

Back in college, I usually prepare for my battles with Prelims, Midterms, and Finals in a particular coffee shop near our school. Armed with heavy books, a lot of pencils and pens, tissue paper, and yellow pad, you would find me in a particular spot, in that particular side of the table, always with an iced latte. I would spend my whole day there, reading, studying, and talking to myself (do those three things actually mean the same?). Other times, I would also go to its other branches to have some “alone time” or have some chitchat with a friend.

It’s been a while since I last enjoyed some “alone time” in a coffee shop. After some errands today, I decided to give myself a treat of some of it. But this time, I tried a different coffee shop – Book Latte, just outside Robinson’s Iloilo. I’ve wanted to try it here but I really did not have the time. I don’t have heavy books with me this time but I have my handy-dandy notebook. Time to brainstorm about some goals, plans, and things to do.

And gosh, I love it here! Guess what I ordered! Iced latte of course. And gosh I love it! I hate to say this but it’s actually better than the iced latte in my former favorite coffee shop. The ambiance is cool and relaxing, I forgot that it was so hot outside. I wish I tried it here earlier in college. But they close at 8:00pm, too early. My spot right now is far from the door and I think this is the perfect spot for studying. You get little or no distraction at all. The chairs are also very comfortable, not the comfortable that could make you feel sleepy though, the kind of comfortable that will motivate you to work your ass off.

Book Latte is open from 9am until 8pm. They have over 1000 books and other reading materials but you need to sign up for membership to be able to use them. Membership is P180 per year for students and P220 per year for non-students. Being a member comes with a lot of amazing perks. Enticing!

It’s a lounge, library and cafΓ© rolled into one. I guess they really have lived up to the expectations of book and coffee lovers. I for one, love its name. Book Latte – perfect blend of two of the things I love. I will definitely come back and try more drinks and cakes in their menu. More “alone time”, please! πŸ™‚


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