Enough said.

We are still bombarded with pro-health campaigns everywhere and most if not all of them persuade people to stop smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. All the facts and the figures have been laid. Physical, emotional, sociocultural, economic, sexual, social, and spiritual effects have all been elaborated but all the world is still being confronted with the problems brought about by these artificial catastrophes. Much has been said about this universal fact yet it seems like we just have to live with this forever. I mean, we shouldn’t wait for something worse to happen before we do something about it.

Just few minutes before I passed by this area in our town, a drunk driver showed off his unique driving and parking skills.





I took the pictures just this afternoon but the accident happened around 8pm last night. I don’t have a reliable source but I heard that a trisikad driver sustained some minor injuries after he was hit by this jeep and the driver was imprisoned.

Did he also have regrets? I wonder.

So, what now? ;p


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