What to do after College Graduation

I thought life after graduation was a breeze. Exactly a year after I graduated, I have bigger eye bags, lots of added pounds, and I’m really more tired. These manifestations might have been brought about by my altered circadian rhythm, lack of movement, and fickle diet. So you see I can’t really decipher which phase of my life is less stressful. Nevertheless, I got a degree and I can now be rightfully called an unemployed professional.

March 26, 2011 was our date of Graduation. It was a big deal as it was a great relief for my parents especially my Papa who endures being away from us just to provide us with all that we need and some of the things we want. Having a degree definitely makes me proud of myself too. I feel like I have accomplished one thing that’s compulsory in this life. But anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a mushy post. Even if I’m still not yet officially employed, I believe that the past year had been productive and meaningful.

Maybe you’re still trying to absorb the fact that you’ve already graduated. Trust me; asking yourself “what’s next?” will come after. I’m no expert but let me enlighten you about the things you must do after graduation.

  1. Party/Hang-out. You could do this immediately the night after your graduation ceremony. Flaunt your moves like Jagger on the dance floor or reminisce your college life with some booze on the table. Celebrate your victory with the people who have been with you through college. Party and drink the night away with your classmates/batch mates/friends who you share the same sentiments with. Experience how it is to say “Cheers!” wholeheartedly.
  2. Go on a vacation. Yes, you had some days off and you got to go somewhere in college but this kind of vacation is different. You don’t really need to go abroad or spend so much. Just go somewhere serene, a place where you can empty or restore your recycle bin. Take a break, do some R and R, and just be with yourself. Introspection can do you a lot of good and this cleanup and defragmenting will surely help you in the long run.
  3. Catch up with the movies and the series you missed. This is one of the biggest sacrifices in college especially if you’re a Nursing student with the hectic and erratic schedules. Download or stream movies online or borrow DVDs from friends.
  4. Complete, update, and safeguard your portfolio. Enjoying and having the time of your life doesn’t mean forgetting your responsibilities. Being passive and completely sluggish can be acceptable for a short time but you should also get your booty moving. So make sure you’re ready to take out any file when the need arises.
  5. Plan your future. If you think graduating means you reached the finish line then you’re wrong. There are hundreds of laps in life and you’re not half through. Point #2 (introspection) can assist you with this. Know the what’s, where’s, and how’s of your future. List your short-term and long terms goals. Set deadlines. Do a checklist. Eliminate. Ratify. Evaluate.
  6. Sleep. All those eye bags and sleepless nights. Ahhh. Can you still imagine yourself getting drunk with coffee? Imagining myself with all the handouts, giant books, and handwritten requirements makes me puke. Sleep early in the morning and wake up late. Sleep twelve hours or more. Oversleep. It’s acceptable. It’s a sweet revenge, a sweet escape.

A year after graduation and I’m not yet half done catching up with the movies, series, and friends. I’m still processing my files and all the papers. I already have a lot of plans, I’m doing something about them, and I know He’ll be faithful to complete them. But I still lack sleep.

So after graduation, I say… this is reality. This is life. It’s a hard life. But everything’s hard before it is easy. When the trigger was pulled, we were set and ready. So we go on the next lap slowly yet surely. 🙂


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