Hash tag yourself!

I’ve been noticing people posting FB statuses with hash tags and my eyes involuntarily skip those posts. It’s just so irritating. They should know what hash tags are really for.

Twitter is a completely different platform compared to Facebook. You are allowed 140 characters per tweet, you have followers, you follow people, you’re free to post whatnots, and you can use the symbol #. This isn’t completely useless and not merely a decoration, for them people’s information.

The word preceded by this symbol is a hash tag. Hash tags are used to organize topics. If you click a hash tag, you will be directed to a page with all the tweets containing the said “hash-tagged” word. The more you use the hash tag, the bigger the possibility that the word will be included in the list of trending topics nationwide or worldwide. This is why there are celebrities and companies that endorse their products using Twitter and also ask their followers to retweet their posts. Some tweets are being paid too so I hope you get the picture.

Bottom line: hash tags don’t work in Facebook. If you don’t believe me, then try clicking the #keyword that you posted in Facebook and see what happens. I really shouldn’t bother about this but #keyword just doesn’t make any sense in FB. As a matter of fact, it could cause confusion and would make you look like a jejemon.

But oh well, it’s your life. Hash tag all you want. #fb


9 thoughts on “Hash tag yourself!

        1. haha! yeah, bsi naskip sang mata ko, ces! lol! huo, im not against man gne ang mga gnatweet sang iban nga tawo KIS-A nga gakalink bla sa fb. Ang #fb bla. Haha. Pro kis-a lng. Ang daw pirme2 na na, irritation. nyahaha

  1. I want to like this post ten times! Some of my friends are doing those hashtags in facebook and I can’t understand them! Or maybe the problem is with them, not understanding the principle about hashtags.

    #justsayin (from a facebook comment)

    Arghh! People #whousehashtags #infacebook #arelikemildjejemonzzz

    Okay. I’ll stop the hate! 🙂 I’ll just watch them and force myself to be entertained. Ha!

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