Earth Hour 2012

At 8:33pm of March 31, I stood up from my seat and switched off the lights in our house. I assumed everyone in our household was familiar with the Earth Hour. Quite unfortunately, though I was confident, not everyone was. So yes, not every appliance was turned off and it was all because tonight’s episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya was worth sacrificing the Earth Hour.

No credit should be attributed to me and no blame should be put on anyone either (or maybe I am to be blamed because I missed out on orienting my family about the Earth Hour?). I just hope that majority of the households all over the Philippines participated in the event which is apparently hosted by our country.

Maybe weΒ  can put into account the awareness of the people about this particular social, economic, and environmental concern. The internet and the television are the major informants of the world today and in my opinion, they failed in their objective of connecting people worldwide. I think not much effort has been given to motivate the people to take part in this event. Not so much has been said and I think the only people who can see the bigger picture are the environmental advocates themselves. All the pros and cons should have been laid and the short and long term effects of this activity should have been emphasized.

Yes, we need electricity every second of the day and most of the time we neglect its importance but this event matters as this signifies the collective effort that the masses can pull through. I believe that it tells about how much people really care for the environment. It’s a good thing that a big establishment as SM City Iloilo and a big person in the city known as Sir Bob recognize this social issue and continue to take part in the advocacy of preserving our natural resources.

(This is the part where I rant) But ignorance is never an excuse. It’s a shame to be a leader who doesn’t practice what he preaches or to be someone who was willed to teach and ratify but rather confuses and startles. (End of rant)

Nevertheless, kudos to those who joined the Earth Hour and let us just hope for the best.


2 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2012

  1. It was truly a meaningful event last night and I wish everyone would do their share even the littlest of things. We only have one home and we can’t afford to hurt her too much. 60+ and beyond! xx

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