Those Magic Words

I am a person who finds it hard to say I’m sorry. My horoscope tells me that it’s quite rare for an Aries to do an apology. But I know people who are under the same sign and they can readily say sorry upfront. We are adults, anyway, and we shouldn’t let planetary movements control and direct our lives, let alone our reactions and our attitude towards things. Though I know myself well and I can sometimes be conscious of how I am, I still find it hard to say that I’m wrong. I think this can be attributed to my upbringing.

I’m particular when it comes to saying please and thank you especially when handing over my fare in the jeepney and this is not only because I watched too much Barney shows when I was younger. Maybe Barney should’ve included I’m sorry in that Please and Thank You song.

Some Barney songs are actually helpful. πŸ™‚

One of the most memorable phone calls I had is one particular phone call from my Papa. I was already rushing to the gate because I was running late for school when Mama handed me the phone. When Papa said, “I’m sorry”, it was as if time froze. It gave me an odd overwhelming feeling. It was too humbling to forget. I’m never perfect and to this day, I’m still working on my pride that’s as high as Lion King’s Pride Rock but at least I’m trying.

Please, Thank you, and I’m sorry… These phrases are the most clichΓ©d clichΓ©s. They are repeated too many times and said as redundantly as one can possibly can but they are phrases which can mark significance in someone’s miserable life.

These phrases can indeed do many wonders. Oh, and remember, a kind word is never wasted. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Those Magic Words

  1. I am an Aries too and like you, I rarely say sorry, especially to the people who I don’t care. But for the people close to me, saying sorry to them is a must.

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