Iloilo: Floyd’s Famous BBQ!

Back when we were college freshmen, we would usually eat lunch either at Mcdonald’s, JD, or Floyd’s BBQ. This is because we only had at least one hour lunch break. In addition, they serve fast food and they offer food in affordable prices. That was when Mcdo first released its P50 chicken fillet while JD’s 1 piece chicken with rice only cost P37. We also loved Floyd’s for its pork barbecue. In fact, I only ordered that all the time. I can’t remember the exact amount but I’m sure it was less than P50 with rice and a glass of iced tea. After the first year, I rarely ate at Floyd’s. I guess my last meal there was already three years ago.

My cousin Mai went home last week from Manila. She is currently working there so we really don’t get to see each other as often as before. So the cousins planned to bond at Smallville. There were only 6 of us at first because Ng Maybelle wasn’t off until 12 am. AtΒ  around 10 pm, we were sitting at Floyd’s, Ayala Technohub. We weren’t really out to drink but to eat!

Thank you, Ng Mai for the delicious treat! I didn’t know Floyd’s also served other food. Haha. Kidding. It was only pork barbecue in the menu for me for the last 4 to 5 years.Β  I swear I’m going to have those Buffalo wings again next time. Hopefully, they’ll be whole chicken wings. Maybe these pictures would be of assistance:

I was happy there were only a few people in the place and I was with five other people. I wasn’t shy to take pictures of their menu. I’ll go back at Floyd’s and satisfy my cravings for that really hot, fiery, and mouth-watering buffalo wings!


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