Iloilo: Steps of Rome

Last March 28, we attended my cousin Aaron‘s high school graduation. He was awarded as Third Honorable Mention. We’re all so proud of him as he grew up to be a good guy, let alone the fact that two girls were stalking him after graduation. I think those two didn’t notice that we saw them. They were trying to follow Aaron, they were hoping for a picture with him, I guess. ;D

Anyway, we had dinner that night at Steps of Rome at Plazuela, Iloilo. That was only my second time to dine there. The first one was back when my housemates and I decided to try their eat-all-you-can pizza and pasta for P99. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take some pictures then. But during Aaron’s graduation dinner, I did!

This dish came in first so it was the first one roasted. We just thought the plate was too big and wide. It took a lot of space!

My uncles, cousins, Aaron’s friends, and some of my aunts had some drinks after dinner. We had fun talking and taking some pictures around Plazuela. Next time I visit Steps of Rome, I’m going to try their Mashed Potatoes. ;p Congratulations, Aaron!


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