Homemade Hotcakes

This afternoon, I decided to invade the kitchen which is rightfully my sister Julisa’s kingdom. She’s in Guimaras for a summer camp so I get to work my way through her haven. Mama and I did a little bit of grocery shopping yesterday so I got a carton of hot cake mix. It’s been a while since I last made some homemade hotcakes!

But I put a little bit of butter in the mixture. My Lola taught me to put some Vanilla too but we don’t have some in the kitchen now. Haha.

I thought I did it right at first but after a few minutes, the syrup dried up. Mama told me not to stir it while on the pan but still, it dried up. So whatever. I wished I googled first. I just knew that I had to put some water. Mama was thinking about leche flan syrup. -_-

So that’s 150 calories from the mixture, 37 calories from one small egg, 240 calories from 2 tablespoons of oil, and I’ll leave it to you to calculate the number of calories from butter and sugar. But a single box of this hot cake mix makes 10-12 hotcakes so you don’t really get the total calories all by yourself. The box costs only P26 so it’s really affordable. Well, I’ll make sure I can do better on the syrup next time!


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