Good Friday 2012

I’m not a Catholic but I’ve been a spectator of the procession during Good Friday in our town for years already. Through the years, so many things have changed. Years before, there were only a few statues but yesterday, we counted 20. But it’s such a wonder why the duration of the procession was shortened. From the time the first line of people passed by us until the last, it was only about an hour-long unlike before. I managed to take some photos but I don’t have a very nice camera. This is just to show a little bit of what’s like in here.

Our neighbor owns this one so it passed by our house. They host luncheons and dinners for members of the church and other people too. From what I’ve heard, many people from our town can now afford something like this. Nurses, doctors, OFWs, and retirees bought themselves statues to show their devotion.

My Grandmother’s cousin owns the Santo Intierro. The statue of Jesus in a glass coffin. After the mass, people come to their house for du-aw wherein people kiss the statues of Jesus.

I’m in no position to say some things about the religion per se but I think I also am entitled to my own opinion only about the procession. Because I’ve been watching since I can remember, I noticed so many changes. I only noticed one group that was praying when they passed by us. Well, it’s not really valid because maybe coincidentally the other groups just took a break from praying loudly when they passed by us.

One of my friends posted on FB and Twitter reminding people to dress properly when joining the procession. But I saw many teens and even mothers wearing backless blouses, miniskirts, and micro-mini shorts. So many people were using their cellphones, some even were in a call. How can I forget? The group of gays wearing sexy blouses. They wereΒ  whispering to each other while they passed by us while staring at my good-looking cousin, brother, and neighbor.

I’m not perfect and I also have issues about my religious beliefs at times but… Okay. πŸ™‚

Happy Easter, everyone! We’re hitting two beaches tomorrow! πŸ™‚


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