Bacon and Cheese Omelet

I usually wake up around 10am to 12pm these days. That’s the luxury of not being employed in a formal institution. I’m trying to sleep before midnight though to attain my body’s equilibrium. One morning, I woke up early, maybe 9am, and decided to cook myself breakfast.

So I grated some cheese. I hit the defrost button of the microwave for the bacon, got 3 or 4 strips, and fried them. I cracked two eggs, beat them, and sprinkled a pint of salt and some pepper. I let the pan heat for a few minutes, then put just a little bit of oil on it to grease. My sister always reminds me to spread the oil on the pan if you’re frying so that the food wouldn’t stick and so I did.

Then I poured the egg. If you’re cooking omelet, push one side of the omelet with your wooden spoon or spatula so that the rest of the egg will cook. Do this until everything seems cooked! Nyahaha. After every part of the egg seemed cooked, I sprinkled the cheese and bacon evenly. I missed taking a picture of how to properly fold the omelet while transferring it from the pan to the plate.

You have to lift the pan then you let half of the omelet slide down the plate and then that’s the time you fold it gently with your spoon. Because it was already past 9am, I was the only one in the house who hadn’t eaten breakfast. And, I rarely do because I wake up just minutes before lunch time or even after!

Because I was eating alone, I ate in front of the TV. That’s my plate with a glass of Fit N’ Right pineapple juice. I knew it was going to be a productive day because I started it right with a yummy breakfast! I was able to finish my articles that day, watched 3 or 4 movies, and played with our baby here at home. Quite a productive day, indeed! πŸ™‚


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