Friday the 13th

It is one red and bloody birthday for me. Though I’m overwhelmed with my cramps, I’m quite happy with everything else. It’s a Friday the 13th!

Because so many people say it’s an unlucky day, I decided to google its history. Wiki said that it’s a juxtaposition of two old superstitions – 13 being an unlucky number and Friday being an unlucky day. There were disputes about when it actually began. Some say it wasn’t sensationalized until the 1900s when the book Friday the Thirteenth by Thomas Lawson was published but some say it can be traced from 1700 B.C. as the Code of Hammurabi skipped the number as well.

Friday the 13th is said to be a superstition believed by pagans and Christians too. During the last supper, Judas was last to arrive making the number of people on the table 13. In Norse mythology, Loki was the 13th guest when he gate-crashed a banquet of the gods. On the other hand, Friday is deemed to be unlucky as it is the sixth day of the week and it was when Jesus was crucified, so they say. By chance, a lot of big tragedies in history also took place on a Friday the 13th.

This superstition lives to this day. Many people even have triskaidekaphobia (fear of number 13) or friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of the Friday the 13th). You are not to cut your hair on that day because someone in your family will die. If a funeral passes you on that day, you are next in line. A source says that a child born on a Friday the 13th will be unfortunate for the rest of her life while another source says that Friday the 13th is a lucky day for a child to be born.

My parents did not think that it was an unlucky day nor did they think that it was just luck. I was born on a Good Friday, a Friday the 13th but I never heard anyone say that I’m unlucky or I brought them bad luck. You see, I came six years after my parents were married. All the eyes were on me thus I was nicknamed Apple. Even if I did something wrong, even if I hurt my mama or papa in the past, they never said that I’m a pain in the ass. What I always hear them say is that I am a blessing. I’m like a cork that after I was pulled, three more babies came oozing out.

In Brazil, Friday 13 is unlucky just because agosto rhymes with desgosto (sorrow). In Spain, it’s Tuesday the 13th because they think Friday isn’t bad luck. I also read about a British couple’s story. On a Friday the 13th, their mirror at home fell on the floor and broke. They bought a lottery ticket and won $17 million dollars.  Then they can got as many mirrors as they could (I made this up). Sometimes coincidences are just too overrated.

Just like what my doctor said, people have different belief systems and many times in our lives, understanding other people becomes too difficult because their belief system is quite convoluted. This may be simple as it seems but sometimes, it can get in the way too much. Anyways, it doesn’t have anything to do with my birthday.

Every Friday the 13th, I just feel different. I feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and unexplainably happy. And I’m just glad it happens to be my birthday today. Well, here it goes…



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