Hongera Hongera

That’s Tanzanian for Happy Birthday. It instantly puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

Two days ago, I told Mama, “Ma, lapit nalang birthday ko.” She asked, “Maano ka?” I answered, “Wala lang ya ah,” with a smile on my face. I meant it and I think all the birthday parties I had when I was younger were enough to let me realize how special I am. Probably I can spend for a birthday celebration if I get to earn lots of money myself. I really intended to visit my aunt in the hospital but I decided to stay at home instead because of 1) my deadly menstrual cramps 2) asthma 3) the very hot weather. I also made my birthday invisible to my Facebook friends to 1) avoid spam birthday greetings 2) try to see who really remembers my birthday.

Ma and I were both not feeling well so we were really couch potatoes today. Angelito, Batang Ama ended today, so-so. I ate a lot of chips. Mama and I shared that small pack of Chiz Curls. I also ate a lot of peanuts, chicharon, condensada, pork adobo, luncheon meat, and I drank lots of iced tea, water, and Coke!

Two days ago, I went to see a new doctor for my asthma (will blog about it soon). He prescribed me a different “puff,” as I already ran out of Seretide hence the decision to visit the doctor. After two days of enduring my asthma, my brother finally bought me Salmeflo, my new “puff”. My first puff will be later before I sleep. I hope it’s better than Seretide since it’s actually stronger.

This was how my day went. I’m happy because there are still more than 50 people who actually remembered my birthday. To the few ones who called, to those who sent text messages, those who tweeted, those who posted greetings on Facebook without being reminded by the timeline, to those who personally greeted me, hugged and kissed, and most importantly to the One who made me live to this day, thank you.

Not having a celebration made me reflect if I really am happy during my birthday. Birthdays are masked by balloons, cakes, the happy birthday song, blowing of candles, presence of friends and family, gifts, and even alcohol. Today, even without them, I still feel so thankful and loved. And oh, I just got used to saying I’m 2_ and the next thing I know, I had to add another year to that. Oh boy! But anyway, I never look my age. πŸ™‚


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