Iloilo: Maridel’s

After watching The Vow, my best friend Mark and I went for some snacks at Maridel’s. I’ve seen pictures of their cakes posted by my Facebook friends which made me so curious.

I loved the chocolate flavors and the texture of my cake. Glad I endured its sweetness!

On the other hand, Mark didn’t finish his crepes because he didn’t like them. Haha. I tasted it and I didn’t like it either. I guess we’re just not fans of crepes asĀ  some people who have tried it said they loved it.

They have lots of cakes. Next time, I wish to try their ice cream burger, chocolate eclairs, and Snickers cake or whatever they call it. We stayed inside Maridel’s because it was so hot outside at first but I suggest you find a seat outside if you visit late in the afternoon.

Luckily, we found an empty bench in the Plaza Mayor of Plazuela. Mark and I enjoyed the cool breeze and the view of the people. Maridel’s didn’t really give me a full stomach and I’m happy about it. After all, giving you a full stomach isn’t the job of a dessert. :)

Drop by Maridel’s for a satisfying dessert. :)

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3 responses to “Iloilo: Maridel’s

  1. Wow! I should have read this post before going to Iloilo, mukhang may babalikan ako don ah. :) Thanks for sharing. The Blueberry Mango Crepe looks tempting. :)

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