Iloilo: Carlo’s Bakery Cafe

I stumbled upon a friend’s picture of a yummy slice of chocolate on Facebook and I can’t resist but to ask where she had it. So a day after she told me it was from Carlo’s Bakery Cafe, my aunt and I tried it there after visiting my Lola and Lolo.

Carlo’s is located at Benigno Aquino Avenue known as Diversion Road, Iloilo City. Photo from the FB account of Carlo’s Bakery Cafe
My Chocolate Cream Cake!

This is my kind of cake! My goodness! The top part has a strong dark chocolate flavor. I don’t know what you call that white part but it’s not too sweet which is really the way I want it. Though simple and although I can tell that it’s only Hershey’s chocolate syrup, at least they exert effort on the plating. Other cake shops sell a slice for P98-105 but this one, you can have for only P65! Imagine that fudgy, moist, and delectable cake in your mouth. Oh my! I love it!

This is my Tita’s Black Forest Cake.

My Tita’s Black Forest cake, on the other hand, is just like any other Black Forest Cake. It’s not moist and I really don’t find anything extraordinary about it, only that it’s a big slice. I just don’t like Black Forest, I guess. Anyway, a slice is also P65 so it’s all good. They also have lots of other food on their menu from breakfast to dinner. You might want to check these out:

Lots of pastries here! πŸ™‚
What a bargain!
I’m going to have some of this again, fsho!

I wish to try their buffalo wings and calamares next time! Oh and by the way, Carlo’s Bakery Cafe is owned by the Congressman of Iloilo City, Hon. Jerry P. TreΓ±as. πŸ™‚


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