Food Corner: April

Home-cooked meals! Mostly, my 15 year-old younger sister cooks at home so… yeah! I can’t find the other photos though. I just want to share the pictures because I’m a proud sister!

My sister’s recipe. It’s made up of some shrimp leftovers and some slices of pork. It’s spicy! She doesn’t know what to call it but it’s really yummy!
Turbo broiled.

We love chicken that’s cooked in our turbo broiler. We don’t throw away the oil from the chicken, we use it as sauce! LOL!

My sister’s insisting that she cooked this as Pork Adobo but we all say it’s some kind of steak! Haha! It’s sooo delicious too!
Talong (eggplant)! THEY had it for dinner too! Say hi to Elmo over there! ;p

Our freezer is full of ice candies but they aren’t for sale! It’s so hot these days and it’s really very helpful especially this afternoon because there was a blackout of at least 2 hours. I had 4 or 5 pieces of ice candies today! Yey for home-cooked meals! πŸ™‚


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