Oton’s Hiyas sang Katagman 2012

The Ogtonganons always look forward to the Katagman Festival late April to the 3rd of May. This year, the town celebrates its 44oth year in history. For three straight years, the only show I watch during Katagman is the Search for Miss Hiyas sang Katagman or Oton’s Ambassadress of Good Will. I really enjoyed this year’s Hiyas ng Katagman! The following photos were taken from the official Facebook account of the Katagman Festival:

She did not win the Best in Festival Costume Award but I really like this one.
She did a Latin dance then she wowed the crowd with her amazing belly dancing. So, yeah, she won the Best in Talent Award.
My cousin, Vic Bryan Ochon, gave the Ms. Vibrant Body award to Contestant Number 7, Reya Mae Pagatpat. She received a cash prize and a gift certificate of two months free gym work-out at ViBo Wellness Gym.

Credits to the photographer of the Katagman Festival. I also took photos myself but they’re not high quality. I only used a point-and-shoot camera and I was so far from the stage.

I wish I had a better picture of this. They really looked nice with their festival costumes on.
The contestants in casual wear.
The contestants in their play suits.
Look how jam-packed Oton Ampitheater Green was. .. and that’s only on one side!
The winners of this year’s pageant with the Mayor, First Lady, some of the councilors, and last year’s winner. (Photo courtesy of the official FB account of Katagman Festival)
Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman 2012 Reya Mae Pagatpat with Mayor Vincent Flores and last year’s Ms. Katagman Reizl Bermejo. (Photo from the official FB account of Katagman Festival)
The winners with some of the members of Oton’s local government.

Second runner-up, Jechusa Rey Liza-Lopez, got the Best in Talent Award. First runner-up, Pauline Tirador Damasco, got the Best in Casual Wear, Best in Play Suit, and Best in Interview Awards. This year’s Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman is Reya Mae Pagatpat. She got the Best in Production Number, Best in Festival Costume, and Best in Gown awards.

Manong Bryan with Liwayway Bernardo, Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman 2009.
My cousin and two of the event organizers with Oton’s beauty queens.
A picture with a friend, Alyssa Uy, Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman 2010’s First Runner-up. Wow, I look like a fan. Haha!

Β The pageant started in 2008 and the first Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman was my former schoolmate, Kim San Luis (Hey, Kimay!). This year’s first runner-up was also my former schoolmate (elementary in ICA and high school in UPHSI), a classmate of the first Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman. Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman 2009 is Liwayway Bernardo, an acquaintance; Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman 2010 is Kathleen Kay Blanco, a neighbor; and Ms. Hiyas ng Katagman 2011 is Reizel Bermejo, whose father worked for my aunt back then. Feeling close lang. ;p

The pageant was very organized and it went smoothly. I want to commend the male host of the night for having a very sharp presence of mind. The stage was also mesmerizing and so were the intermission numbers. Kudos to the organizers of the pageant. I love the fact that Ogtonganons really value wisdom and wit in the pageant. The winners of the pageant are either from West Visayas State University or from University of the Philippines in the Visayas. Our town is called as the Very Friendly town of Oton, with people of good character and there’s no doubt that our “ambassadresses” are worthy of their titles!


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