Katagman Festival 2012’s Garden Show, Plant Sale, and Agri-Fair

Last year, Mama and I had the chance to visit the Garden Show in front of Oton Municipal Hall. She bought lots of roses and some green and purple plants for our front lawn. There she met the person who arranged our garden. After our weekly family lunch yesterday, we decided to visit the Garden Show this year as well.

The set of table with four chairs costs P15,000 while the well costs P25, 000. It doesn’t feel and look like your usual cement designed as wood because it really looks like real wood. They varnished the cement so neatly and the details are just so intricate that I wish I had money so we could have this on our lawn instantly too. The makers are from Brgy. Botong, Oton. They also showed that they used vermi composts. For everyone’s information, worms can be a really good source of income.

Among all the garden shows, I think this is the best! I’m kind of biased in a way because the one who arranged our garden was also the one who arranged this but really, this one’s so nice. We had pictures taken in some parts of the “garden” and some people thought it was some place else. They also won last year’s Garden Show.

The Agri Fair showcased the wide variety of vegetables that the different barangays of Oton produce. 

I know, I know, crappy pictures! I should have visited earlier so it wouldn’t be dark and using a non-DSLR camera would be alright. Anyways, the winner of the Garden Show will receive a cash prize of P5000. Not bad, huh? They get to show off their products and skills, sell, and win! Oton Cutflower Association also works hard to bring back and maintain the colors of the Oton Plaza. I don’t have a green thumb even if my Mother owns a beautiful garden but I do appreciate them a lot. Spending only an hour looking at the booths made me really proud as an Ogtonganon.

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