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Iloilo City:

Passion is such a strong word. It can take you high up on the brink of success or bring you down to the depths of failure. It only depends on how you value it and let it drive your life. Because no matter how much you shake it off, it involuntarily influences you in ways that sometimes you don’t even know.  Continue reading


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To Fuel: To Get Back on Track

I had three days off from my beloved virtual world. Getting in touch with reality during those days made me physically exhausted, mentally drained, and going to pieces, so to speak. So I thought it would be best to have myself recharged.

I’ve wanted to try to hang out at I was in the most appropriate condition for recharging yesterday afternoon and I know Fuel was the most suitable place I should be in plus I was going to be with the most rightful person, my best friend.  Continue reading

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Oton, Iloilo: Allan’s Talabahan

Even the rich people from the city set out to Oton just to eat at Allan’s Talabahan, famous for their steamed and baked oysters. The old Allan’s Talabahan was in a smaller venue but there was never a day when it was not jam-packed. They have now relocated across Gaisano Capital-Oton and even with a bigger place, it’s still full of people every day. Continue reading


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Pasalubong Galore

Lola Mom visited us this weekend and she brought lots of pasalubong from Bacolod and Silay City! Yey to these delicious delicacies and thank you, Lola Mom! :)

Butter Cake by Emma Lacson’s Delicacies.

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Thoughts on Being in a Party – a Third Party

When the box office movie No Other Woman hit the cinemas, I was ecstatic. It wasn’t only because my dear Ann Curtis was THE other woman but it was also because the plot is very familiar to me, not that I have been in one, of course or have I? *wink Continue reading


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Tales from Thailand: Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

You don’t have to go Hollywood, Bollywood, or to the next life to see people who have greatly influenced Asia. You only have to go to Siam Discovery, walk up to the cashier, pay around 800 baht, and enter the doors of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Bangkok, Thailand.  Continue reading


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Tales from Thailand: Santa Fe Steak and More

My uncle, Papa’s eldest brother treated him to dinner when he dropped by Bangkok before he joined his ship in London about 3 years ago. They had dinner at Santa Fe Steak and More. Papa bragged that it was the best steak he ever tasted and it was really big that they didn’t finish it. Well, what I can say, I also had the chance to dine there. There are more than 10 branches of this Western food chain in Thailand. We tried the one at The Mall, Bang KapiContinue reading

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