It’s Labor Day in the Philippines today. Each year, the Department of Labor along with other government offices host job fairs in malls like SM City and Amigo Plaza.  My aunt told me to try applying as there were thousands of jobs open here and abroad. So yesterday, I had myself registered. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone as some of my friends were also able to pre-register yesterday. We decided to meet up at 10 am this morning. We waited for SM City to open and just a few minutes after, the lines were already millions of centipedes long. We got really hungry just standing for an hour or two and talking to each other about anything so we wouldn’t get bored. When we got to the entrance of the job fair, we found out that we haven’t taken a form where the employers had to sign after you apply for a job to their company. So we asked the man from DOLE and the guard if we can just go back to the entrance after we take our forms from the main entrance of the mall. We didn’t know that there were huge tarpaulins outside where all the jobs were written. We decided to read all the jobs and found out that there were nothing for us in there anyway.

Actually, one company needs a company nurse and a local NCLEX Review Center needs nurse instructors, registered nurses, and NCLEX passers. Of course, it’s understood that they want someone who already has work experience as a nurse. So most of us ditched the job fair. Only one of my classmates decided to go on. She passed her resume, answered questions the HR asked her, and was then told that they’ll call her regarding her schedule of examination and final interview. I really hope she gets the job.

Look at the mobs of jobless people.

The mall was full of hopeful unemployed people. It’s quite depressing and we saw that most of those who were lining up looked our age. Fresh graduates, perhaps? And I’m sure a lot of them are registered nurses too.

Finger lickin’ good.

We were so frustrated we didn’t find job openings that are related to our course. Mostly there were jobs for accountants, sales directors, company drivers, managers, salesmen, ship crew, and domestic helpers. They were mostly jobs that we will never qualify. The eagles in our tummies were already banging hard on our stomach linings so we proceeded to KFC for lunch. The finger lickin’ good meals temporarily shook the frustrations, depression, and anxiety away.

Yes, the world is unfair. Don’t, don’t tell me I shouldn’t be pressured. How am I supposed to help my family? Sorry for ranting, I don’t know who to blame and I don’t think I’m being too hard on myself either. I usually know what to do but it seems like all I could do for now is to pray to God and wait.

If only….. nah, I’m a nurse. Gosh, this is truly Labor Day!

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2 responses to “JOB unFAIR

  1. Nursing employment issues again… Good luck to all of us.

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