Mambukal got us hungry.

After hiking until the 6th Falls in Mambukal, all of us decided that we should get our reward – a fully loaded Mambukal meal! We headed down to the resort’s food court and chose our table. We didn’t know that there were around 4 different restaurants in the food court. We were lucky because I think that we chose the best!ย 

My aunt’s masterpiece while we waited for our meals. ;p Nyahaha!
Avocado and Mango shakes, a glass only for P50. ๐Ÿ™‚
Sizzling pork chop with mango toppings. Photo by my cousin.

The owner of the restaurant offered their specialty – this sizzling pork chop with mango toppings. Before even tasting, my sister said that they shouldn’t have called it sizzling. Indeed, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This dish is just amazing! I wish my sister can duplicate it! This meal along with a cup of rice only costs P65.

Chicken barbecue.

I didn’t regret ordering this Chicken barbecue. Yes, quiteย mainstream but I had to try it especially that I’m in Negros. Other than Jo’s Inato from Iloilo, this can also be my favorite! This along with a cup ย of rice only costs P65 too.


My mother and my aunt can’t get enough of this Kilawin. They didn’t mind that their blood pressure would shoot up after. Yes, they were excused. This generous serving is only for P150. After we were all full and ready to go, we ordered pork barbecue meals. Two sticks of pork barbecue plus a cup of rice only cost P45. We had it to go. We went home with happy tummies and unbankrupt pockets. To think, Mambukal is a tourist spot in Negros Occidental. It’s a perfect place for nature-tripping and for food-tripping as well.


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