Bacolod City: Calea

My cousin and I really planned to try Calea cakes last week. We finally did after running gazillions of errands one night. My cousin was really tired and sleepy already but we pursued Calea. Luckily, his girlfriend was still alert so the two of us had the chance to do some chitchat. 

Who wouldn’t be giddy with this sight?

Wala lang. It’s pretty! 🙂

The beautiful ambiance plus the very alert waitress who immediately served us three glasses of water really gave an impression and increased my expectations.

Justine’s dark-glazed chocolate cake?
My ice cream burger?
My cousin’s chocolate cake.

My cousin and his girlfriend weren’t really impressed with their cakes while I ended up liking the sweet butter-like icing that’s not even part of the ice cream burger I ordered. But I tasted their chocolate cake and I like the frosting and the filling. Their cakes really look neat and pretty but they’re not really as close as those from Maridel’s. But I have only tasted three cakes so my judgment isn’t really valid for now.

Was this Latte?
Latte right? Idk. -_-

I was thinking of Iced Latte but I forgot to say “Iced”. Although my first encounter with Calea wasn’t that good, I still look forward to coming back so I could really savor their cakes. That was a long day so I guess our palates just got tired with all the lechon we had earlier. ;p 


5 thoughts on “Bacolod City: Calea

  1. And I suddenly missed the cake buffet that we have here in Davao. For just 80 pesos, if I remember it right, we can now eat cakes as much as we want among the 8-10 cake choices.

      1. Yes, only less than 100 pesos for an eat all you can cake buffet here in Davao, good if paired with their brewed coffee for 15 pesos. However, I can only eat around 3 slices of cakes because of the sugar rush. And by the way, the cakes taste good!

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