Tales from Thailand: The Pizza Company

Exhausted on our second day in Bangkok, we decided to drop by The Pizza Company just a few blocks away from my uncle’s place. The ambiance of the place was very familiar, just like that of Pizza Hut with all the warm-colored bricks and walls in earth colors. The menu is also similar to Pizza Hut. My uncle then mentioned that the company actually franchised Pizza Hut at first but their contract was terminated which resulted to the establishment of the Pizza Company. Today, almost every city in Thailand has the food chain. 

Garlic bread! By Elvi.
Abundance of bread. They’re not complimentary, by the way.
Buffalo Wings! By Elvi.
My shot now! 🙂

As usual, my uncle and cousin had Heineken. 🙂
I forgot what kind of pizza this is. By Elvi.
Bacon and Cheese, I guess?By Elvi.
Ready to eat!

It was the perfect dinner especially for a picky eater like me. Good thing there’s The Pizza Company anywhere in Thailand. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Tales from Thailand: The Pizza Company

  1. I miss eating at the Pizza Co. Me and my other Farang friends used to entertain that waiters because we would order the large coke so it could be refilled and then we actually drank 4 or 5 refills to show off that we could.

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