Tales from Thailand: Santa Fe Steak and More

My uncle, Papa’s eldest brother treated him to dinner when he dropped by Bangkok before he joined his ship in London about 3 years ago. They had dinner at Santa Fe Steak and More. Papa bragged that it was the best steak he ever tasted and it was really big that they didn’t finish it. Well, what I can say, I also had the chance to dine there. There are more than 10 branches of this Western food chain in Thailand. We tried the one at The Mall, Bang Kapi.Β 

Teak and More! Lol. Since 1901, I guess?

My meal! This picture makes me drool!
Kon Pen, Manang Ann, Manong Bordz, Tito Pops, Elvi, Me, and Erica. πŸ™‚

It was really a satisfying dinner but their food was something you can’t get enough of. Ahhh, I wish we have it here. Their steaks are quite pricey though, they cost around P220-250 if converted. Thank you, Tito Pops, for the treat! Santa Fe Steak and More is the place to be if you’re looking for great Western food in Bangkok.


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