To Fuel: To Get Back on Track

I had three days off from my beloved virtual world. Getting in touch with reality during those days made me physically exhausted, mentally drained, and going to pieces, so to speak. So I thought it would be best to have myself recharged.

I’ve wanted to try to hang out at I was in the most appropriate condition for recharging yesterday afternoon and I know Fuel was the most suitable place I should be in plus I was going to be with the most rightful person, my best friend.Β 

Just compare my zombie look with Mark’s refreshing look!

After a light meal, a refreshing drink, a simple yet delectable dessert, and laughter with my bff, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated that I instantly had the urge to log in to my Gmail and check the tasks assigned to me for the day. Check out my review about it.

Now I know where to hang out when I need some time alone or when my mind goes blank or when I need a cure for a writer’s block. The ambiance is just so light my burdens seem to take off one by one.

That afternoon, I was revived from exhaustion, frustrations, and amnesia (?). I was reminded of the things I was supposed to do and the things that I loved to do. It sure did me a lot. Now, thanks to Fuel, I’m back on track!


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