I needed to take some shots.

I was out of the house this afternoon to get my kit from my upcoming training. I realized I didn’t eat breakfast (woke up at 10am) and I only had a cup of instant noodles for lunch. I didn’t stay long, I set out to SM City to look for something to eat after I got my kit.Β 

I was choosing between Jollibee‘s burger and fries and McDonald’s spaghetti. Guess what I chose.

Hotshots, mashed potatoes, and of course, lots of sinful gravy.

I just really needed some shots, hotshots. So much for the effort to eat in other fastfood chains. -_- I just can’t resist it. I ate at around 5:30pm, thought I was having an early dinner. I dropped by the mall just a few blocks away from our house then headed home after 10 minutes or so. I just entered the door when my sister blurted, “Right timing!”

Home-style fried chicken wings!

Didn’t have a choice but to eat, not that I was hungry again but because I can’t resist eating chicken. I was feeling very light and slim this morning. Now I feel so bloated. Haha. Yes, I had more than what I needed! ;p


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