Tales from Thailand: Ancient Siam

After our fun adventures at Safari World, we asked Kon Hansa if we can still go to another place. He drove us to Ancient Siam. It was built by Lek Veriyaphari in 1963 with an aim to make known the rich heritage of Thailand and most importantly, remind their young people about the splendors of the glorious Siamese past. It’s quite a huge area with miniature Thai structures. You can choose to take a tram or a cart but we Β chose to bike around the area. Hmm. Or maybe you can dare to walk instead? ;p

The altar on the entrance.
Choose your bike!

Miniature Grand Palace.

A statue signifying the battle between Burma and Thailand.

Can you see us?
Loved the carvings.

Dragon boats!

This was already on the way to the Exit. There were cameramen when we passed by here.
It’s hard to bike on a wooden bridge. :/
It’s not only a few hundred steps. The stairs just takes you by surprise.
I first thought it was a mirror.

Just look at how huge the place is.

The Kingdom on top!
Kon Hansa telling us ancient stories.
My cousin and I.
Erica and I. I loved their bike!
There were placards like this in front of each structure.

Erica and I imagined it to be a perfect dating place especially when you’re biking side by side with your boyfriend. ;p Just remember to dress properly and behave discreetly when you visit. You should also take off your shoes when you enter miniature structures with an altar inside.

The place is well-maintained . The grounds were very clean, miniatures constantly being renovated, and there are even stay-in craftsmen! I didn’t only enjoy biking, I also had some exercise! I didn’t only loved the attraction, I loved what I learned about the Siamese culture. And oh, boy… I wish we had something like this in the Philippines too. πŸ™‚


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