Iloilo City: Afrique’s

It has been around 6 years after we graduated from high school but it seems like my classmates and I don’t miss each other that much. Why? Because we meet more than twice a year to catch up with each other.. and eat.

For our Christmas get-together last year (6 months long overdue post), Karl, our 4th year class president up to present, decided that we have dinner at Afrique’s, Smallville.

Afrique’s Special
Bacon, Garlic, and Cheese pizza
I forgot what they call this one. Hehe!
Penne Pasta
Chicken and… Pasta. I forgot! -_-
I forgot too! :/
Only a few of us. Lots of latecomers, as usual. ;p

When it comes to pizza and pasta, Afrique’s is the best in Iloilo. They have 4 branches all over the city – Jaro, Smallville, Robinson’s Mall, and Valeria. Check out their menu here, everything is affordable especially for pasta and pizza addicts. You’ll always feel comfortable, cozy and very satisfied when you eat at Afrique’s!


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