Iloilo City: Perri Todd’s All-American Burger

Our Korean students turned friends wanted to try the biggest burgers in the city so after class, we headed out to Perri Todd’s in Jaro.

The Menu.

Getting ready to dig in!

Amy and Sussanna were so happy with the burgers.

Louren attempted to swallow it whole. lol

Yammy! :)

What the Koreans did to their burger…

The Iced Tea Tower

Oh how I love thee!

Peace ya’ll! ;p

What’s up with the body language? ;p

Clean plates and satisfied tummies. :) As evidenced by the picture, the waiters are so friendly. They even played F4 songs while we were eating!

One burger is enough for two people but it usually depends on how hungry you are. Haha! When Perri Todd’s just opened, their burger patties were bigger than their buns but I noticed that the patties are smaller now. Anyway, they still taste so delicious though I must say that I love Todd’s Potatoes more. Everything is so affordable and I think that’s the best thing about it. ;)

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11 responses to “Iloilo City: Perri Todd’s All-American Burger

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  2. The size of the burger! Huge!

  3. Girl, I hope you weren’t sorry for the extra fat and cholesterol one week after. He he he

  4. Wow! You left me drooling here. :)

  5. They are enormous!!!! I think one would be enough for three!

  6. Whoa! I’ve never seen a burger so big — and I live in Texas, where everything’s bigger!

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