Trip to the New Iloilo City Hall

Ma asked me to hand in something to my cousin who works as a doctor in the City Health Office. It was my first time to enter the newly inaugurated P600 million-peso Iloilo City Hall. It was inaugurated by no other than P.Noy last June 1, 2012. Check the news here. First, I asked the security guard where the City Health Office is. He said it’s on the Second Floor so I looked for the stairs but because I was too mesmerized by the air conditioning unit, I failed to find it and resorted to taking the elevator. They have three, by the way. One elevator was for people going to the 3rd, 5th, and 7th floors, the second one for those who wish to go to the 2nd, 4th, and 6th floors, and the last one was labeled “any floor”. 

It was a very busy building with all the elevators having long queues. I’m so glad the elevators are very efficient. I wonder how much they are. Seriously, they go up and down so fast. I got confused after I got out of the elevator though. I thought I was in a labyrinth, all I saw were white walls. The floor plan was really something I cannot picture out. Anyway, I just walked on and found this:

Now you know! The city has a public lib-rery!

And beside that was the Vaccine Room and the Childhood something. My cousin’s office was also neat. Compared to their old one in front of the Iloilo Terminal Market, this one’s very organized and clean. People will really want to be healthy when they visit the City Health Office. On the left of the door is the Pharmacy. On the right is the waiting area and the Information Desk and straight ahead are the clinics all lined-up. I didn’t stay long. I headed to the elevators again. But when I got in, the alarm sounded. One of the women said that I should just take the stairs so I followed her. To my surprise, the stairs look like the Fire Exit. It’s inside a door with an Exit signage. -_- So I guess it’s really the fire exit.

Before I finally departed the building, I turned right to the Iloilo Gallery.

“Lin-ay”, the traditional Ilongga.

The different looks of the famous Dagoy.


Iloilo City’s trophies and plaques, mostly because of Dinagyang.

Iloilo City’s products

Where do we go, Dora? ;p

Bust statues of the former Mayors of the city.

Just outside the City Hall, you can see the promises of our dear public servants:

I’m particularly excited for the ports, the restoration of the downtown, the Fort, and the Esplanade. Iloilo City is in unstoppable progress. Check out Iloilo City’s official website. Everybody seems to be working hard on making it a premiere city by 2015. I love Iloilo, every bit of it. And with the promising future ahead of us, we, Ilonggos can truly say My City, My Pride.

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