Iloilo City: Hungry Ninja

I’m no ninja but I sure was hungry after skipping dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I only had three pieces of white bread for lunch, now that I remember. I didn’t really feel hungry last night, I just had a feeling of being bloated. But after seeing Hungry Ninja just across from where we were, I told Mama that we should eat.ย 

I have already tried this new food chain but I always ordered to go. I didn’t really had a feeling of how it was to be sitting there but this afternoon, I did! And I’m glad it wasn’t lunch time.

Vividly colored walls.
The Story of the Hungry Ninja.
Brother’s busy.
Very affordable meals featuring different Asian cuisines.
Chicken Noodle Stir Fry + Orange juice only for P29! Amazing!
Mama’s Chicken Noodle Stir Fry up close.
My Sweet Chili Fried Chicken and rice for P47.
Mango Float for P25 each.

Mama was happy with her noodles. I, however, wished they didn’t put so much breadingย on the chicken. The chicken’s actually only 1/4 of its size but it tasted good. The mango float was yummy too, didn’t taste like a commercial one. Until now, we’re still full despite the scorching heat and the heavy traffic on the way home. What can I say? Every peso we spent was worth it.


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