Folding Lumpia Wrappers Like a Pro

I’m not that good in the kitchen, I know, but there are some things that I could do. My forte is folding lumpia wrappers! Don’t get me wrong, I also know how to cook its filling but most of the time, my sister would insist on doing that. But I’m always the one who folds the wrappers. They trust me on that, in fact, many people have appreciated my folding. ;p 

There’s a certain store where I buy fresh lumpia wrappers but this time, someone else bought it so I’m not really happy about it. Nevertheless, I found a way for the lumpia to look neat and pretty.

First, lay the wrapper on a clean plate.

Put a spoonful of filling in the center, just about half an inch from the edge of the lower portion.

Roll it up firmly yet gently so it won’t tear.

Fold both sides and make sure the ends meet.

Put a dab of water so the wrapper will stick.

There you go! I suggest that you put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes so they’ll be easier to fry.

Now you’re ready to deep fry them! Make sure they’re golden brown. :)

Finished product! :)

Yum! Now I want one!!!!

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11 responses to “Folding Lumpia Wrappers Like a Pro

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  4. I know how to cook lumpia. Really yummy !

  5. Oooh nice one :) I’m pretty crap at folding lumpia wrappers (I tend to overstuff), when my mom makes lumpia the only job I do is to separate the wrappers from each other haha.

  6. This is making me hungry and realize I’ve spent too much time working on the computer today! Thanks for posting and thanks for liking my blog.

  7. Mmmm! Looks good Ate! :D

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