Food Corner: June

From time to time, my sister cooks delicious dishes and when she’s in the mood, she exerts some effort on the presentation. And there I am, always armed with a camera.Β 

Apan-apan. πŸ™‚
Seafood Spaghetti in White Sauce by Julisa and Mama Maffee
Mangoes ft. Banana
Cheesy popcorn!
Caramel popcorn!
Mais Con Yelo
Ginamos! ;p

Sometimes, I also “cook”! LOL.

Got bored and hungry so I got some bread, ketchup, and cheese.
My masterpiece! Tantaran… Milo Fudge!
My Cheese Omelet! Haha!

The pictures make me hungry when I ate so much for dinner this evening! Check my first Home-cooked! post too! πŸ™‚


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