Hooray for today!

I actually woke up on the wrong side of my “bed” this morning. I set the alarm to 4:30 am but I woke up 6:30 and I didn’t have any drop of caffeine in my system. I felt like a starving zombie who got zombie-d. Even if my day didn’t start right, all’s well that end’s well, just like what the old men say.

1. I joined a Medical Mission 111 kilometers away from home. It was very fulfilling to lend a helping hand to those who are truthfully in need. Their sincere thank yous along with their candid and unpretentious smiles really meant a lot to me. I hope they take their medications religiously.

2. Days before, I was really on so much pressure about many things. I felt stagnant, useless, and weak. I kept hearing things listening to things that bring me down. Yes, we all go through this and these emotions just fire from time to time but we all just can’t help but rant about it, right?Β Today, I felt like I was of use.

3. Of course, we passed by mountains and farms and more mountains. I can’t help but be in awe of those simple things. The view of the fluffy blue clouds makes me happy.

Sorry for the crappy photos. I only used my phone. I actually brought a camera but unfortunately, I left the memory card in the laptop at home. And yeah, moving vehicle.Β 

4. This little girl made me laugh. And the hours of laughter that we spent inside her mother’s moving car rocked us to sleep.

5. It took us about 3 hours, more or less, to get back to the city. It was already 7:30pm and I had to be home asap because I was chasing my 9pm deadline and I haven’t even started working on the tasks. I got home after 30 minutes, took a short yet “intense” and refreshing bath and worked on what I was supposed to do. Sent the task at 8:58pm! Lol. I checked on my emails and I’m so overwhelmed because I got two new job interview invitations. I know I don’t make much money from doing freelance work but I’m really happy with it. Lots of work to do. Yipee!

Now it’s 11:52pm and I’m thinking of pulling an all-nighter so I could start on work for tomorrow. Hooray for today! πŸ™‚Β 


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