My Papa taught me to keep right.

I love walking and going up and down the stairs especially if I focus on the thought that I’m actually losing a lot of calories doing that. So there I was walking on the right side of the corridors, keeping right just as I was always told. An elder woman was also walking towards me, keeping left.Β 

I was getting a little uneasy. I was torn between following my Papa‘s directions about keeping right all the time and showing respect to the elder woman by moving to the other side of the corridor. Guess what? Of course, I moved to the other side.

The incident wasn’t a big deal but I had Β many insights about it.

I guess I was learning how to bike when my Papa first told me to keep right. I was just six or seven, maybe. At first I didn’t understand him. I thought he meant that I always had to be right – correct. Maybe I planted it in my mind because until now, I always think that I’m right. ;p He also taught me about the two lanes and their directions. He told me not to move forward when I’m on the left lane because I can be in great danger. His instructions were simple. He didn’t repeat that to me often but I always have the compulsion to keep right when I walk. I particularly got uneasy the moment I stepped on Thailand, surprised that I had to keep left for the whole five days there. I had to get used to entering a building through the left door, walking on the left side of the road, going up the escalator on the left side. After a day or two, the uneasiness subsided but when we got home, I also had to readjust my mind’s settings again to keeping right.

As for the elder woman, maybe she wasn’t really particular about it considering that we were not walking on real lanes. We were simply walking along the corridors. But it got me thinking. Sometimes, we tend to bend our principles for other people. We compromise for other people’s sake. I had to show respect to someone older than me so I moved and forgot about this minor principle I hold on to.

But one of my greatest pet peeves are teens and middle-age people who don’t keep right. Yeah, we don’t have a law about that. But seriously, just try to keep right so you don’t get into other people’s way.

Maybe they got it all wrong.

Well, I have to give the credits to my Mama for teaching me where left and right are and for my Papa for telling me to keep right all the time.


5 thoughts on “My Papa taught me to keep right.

    1. i was oriented by my aunt and uncle about it prior to the trip but I think I forgot it, only remembered the morning after we arrived there. lol. is the driver’s seat also on the right side in japan?

      yeah, but that’s the way it goes, anyway. people also bend theirs for us, sometimes. πŸ™‚

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