Tried to Mash Up

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. As usual, I was writing when I thought about what we were going to have for dinner. I suddenly craved for mashed potatoes when I saw my cousin’s post on Facebook. So I asked  money from Mama, checked  The Ranting Chef’s recipe for mashed potatoes, and dragged along my “chef” sister to the nearest supermarket.

Call me ignorant or whatever you like but it was my first time do it. Well, actually, my first time to help my sister  do it.

So we got milk, cream, gravy mix, and potatoes. I forgot to include the butter and the rest of the ingredients in the picture. We bumped into my cousin who posted the photo on Facebook and she suggested the instead of salt and pepper, we could use Ginisa Mix. See it right there?

I just think this is lovely. Weird me.

I guess we followed every step from The Ranting Chef’s blog. Well, except for the amount of the ingredients. My sister did all the estimating. I just did what I was told like peel the potatoes, mash the potatoes, pour this and that, get the plate or the bowl… To think, my sister’s only turning sixteen.

After an hour and a half, we were done! The boiling part was the longest. Our mashed potatoes looked really beautiful, right? Mash Up was a success and we had a really yummy dinner. Now, this picture makes me crave for it again. Oops! ;p

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2 responses to “Tried to Mash Up

  1. The Ginisa mix sounds interesting… what is in it?

    • I’m not really sure about its ingredients. All I know is its a seasoning mix. Nyahaha. But here’s what I got from Google: perfectly blends the deliciousness of garlic, onion and meat giving a complete, full and balanced gisa flavor to any dish be it stir-fried, fried, saucy or soupy. ;p

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