To First Man in My Life

This is my most favorite picture of us: 

My Papa is a simple man. He is generous yet humble, firm yet witty, and protective yet sweet and thoughtful. He adores Mama so much and he calls the four of us his priceless treasures. His strong personality is often misinterpreted but that’s just how he is, very protective of the people he truly loves. He may be stern but when it comes to matters concerning his loved ones, he does not hesitate to show his soft side. He may frown most of the time but once you hear him laugh you will realize how gentle he is. He is a father who wouldn’t mind if his feet hurt, if his eyes squint, or if his hands tremble just as long as he provides for his family.

I know from the moment he first held each one of us until this very day, he is proud that he is a father. And there is no doubt that we, his children, are very blessed to have him as our Papa.

That’s what I wrote for a Father’s Day Photo Contest hosted by a local hotel here in our city two years ago. And I still mean every word I wrote in there.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa.
I love you. 🙂

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