Tales from Thailand: Floating Market

Prior to our trip, I asked my aunt about Thailand’s floating markets. She said it was not really something that would mesmerize us but we have to try it because it is one of Thailand’s tourist attractions. We only told Kon Hansa to take us to a floating market. He said he better take us to an authentic one. So we set out toΒ Samut Sangkhram Ratchaburi, a province 80 kilometers southwest of Bangkok.

On the way to the market, you will see houses of some merchants. Here’s one, with an altar and a tribute to their King.

Well, here we are! Damnoensaduak Floating Market.

A bustling market, indeed.

He’s not selling it. ;p

Other foreigners really go to the place to buy all sorts of Thai goods. You can see hats, blouses, shirts, pants, and skirts. They also have all sorts ofΒ souvenirsΒ  that you are likely to find in other Thai markets. There is a wide variety of food. You will see fresh vegetables and fruits and also native snacks. They even sell all the spices you can ever imagine. I was really itching to buy some chili powder but everything there is really pricey. So, advice: just go there for the experience but do all the shopping in Bangkok. You’ll find everything there too.

That girl is just so beautiful. Actually, I have a picture of her smiling at us but I like this picture better.
Another friendly bunch of foreigners.
And.. the friendliest of them all. πŸ™‚

That’s me, Elvi, Erica, and Kon Hansa.

Trying to pose like a true farang. πŸ˜‰

I’m really grateful we didn’t skip the floating market. It’s a very unique experience especially observing how the Thai people deal with buyers in a traditional way. Unlike in Bangkok, you only do all the haggling. I would have to say, it was all the more a wonderful experience for us since the merchants were gossiping that we are so suay. What is it, you say? Maybe you can try to look it up. ;p


22 thoughts on “Tales from Thailand: Floating Market

      1. kung mahilig ka sa korean novela or gusto mo lang panoorin si Lee Min Ho, i suggest na panoorin mo.. at napaghahalata ako na nanonood ng korean drama.. ehehehehe

        1. Haha! Boys over flowers lng tlga tinutukan ko and several others na nalimutan ko na nung elementary. lol! Nakapanood din nman ako nyan pero konting parts lng. Haha. Yung sa abs-cbn. Lol

          1. mas feel kasi kapag original voices nila.. although maganda rin ang naka dub na para wala ka ng babasahin, pero balita ko madaming kinatay na eksena.. pero bakit ba tayo napunta jan.. basta, maganda yang lugar.. nainggit naman ako sa iyo…

            1. hahaha! oo, yung boys over flowers yung korean version yung pinanood ko eh. hehe! pero sbi ng mga koreano kong students, maganda tlga yung city hunter.

              hehe! gusto ko nga sanang makabalik. ptry mo din dun. πŸ™‚

                  1. uu, kaya lang mahal dito.. saka trabaho ginagawa ko dito.. bibihira akong makagala… ehehehehe.. mas gugustuhin ko na lang na tumambay sa kwarto ko kapag weekends para makabawi…

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