I’ve been to Paris… in Negros.

Yes, there’s such a thing as Paris in Negros Occidental and I’ve been there, actually have lived for about two weeks there. It is known as the “Seat of arts, culture and eco-tourism in Western Visayas”. It is visited by many because of its various tourist attractions. It is a second class municipality that’s only 14 kilometers away from Bacolod City. With the wide streets in Negros, you can get there even in 15 minutes. Let me show you how much Silay City resembles Paris through these pictures:

This landmark serves as a reminder of a bloodless revolution on November 5, 1898. People gathered in this street before they marched to the Spanish garrison just beside the Catholic Church to make Lt. Maximiano Correa surrender. The revolution was a success and the Philippine flag was raised later that afternoon in the plaza.


So there. I’ll leave you to judge if it’s really worthy to be called the “Paris of Negros Occidental”. I can’t say for myself because I haven’t been to Paris. But I’m really more comfortable staying in Silay City than in Bacolod City. In Silay, you get a feel of history and modernism. It also has the best pastries and delicacies! I love Silay City and the people living there. ;p


10 thoughts on “I’ve been to Paris… in Negros.

  1. I’ve been there for a few seconds, in a bus. hahaha no kidding I saw the town. I just drifted away, and flirted with road travelling after i missed the ship that should have taken me straight to Cebu from Ilo-ilo when i was still working in Boracay.
    Great watermarks.

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