A Eureka Moment!

I’ve been looking for the perfect topic to blog about these past few days. Though I have so many things in mind, I cannot put them altogether. I just realized I haven’t posted anything here for days. 

Last night, Pedro Nave shared with me some videos and I watched this:

I learned about the Slow Hunch. That a new idea doesn’t actually come in a flash. That we have lots of fragmented thoughts lurking at the back of our minds for different periods of time and they only come into our senses once they are complete. They seem to be undergoing phases that when the right time comes, they eventually migrate to your consciousness. And it usually happens when you’re in the middle of doing something else. That’s when you say “Eureka!”

Then I try to dig out the questions in my mind. Though they are too many, I’m trusting that they’ll just stay at the back of mind until I finally come into terms on how to deal with them. “Chances favors the connective mind, ” says Steven Johnson. If I only think about how all the things in my life are interconnected, I could quickly decipher the answers to those mind-boggling questions.

Thank heavens for giving me such a chance to talk to someone who makes so much sense. Just when I thought my writer’s block could go on for a long time, a new learning opportunity presents itself and I say “Eureka!”

True enough, chances don’t come by chance at all. They are still planned and they come at the right time, in the right place, and with and from the right person.


4 thoughts on “A Eureka Moment!

  1. I love those moments! Sometimes stories just fall together immediately and sometimes I have to think of them for a long time. I had one story I thought about for about a month, but it’s so satisfying when everything finally clicks together.

    1. Yeah. Do you also have those moments when you’re really itching to find a pen and a piece of paper just so you can list all your thoughts down?

      The fulfillment that you get after finally putting things together is incomparable (okay, I’m exaggerating). Lol. But yeah, it feels like seventh heaven! ;p

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