When we’re allowed to bitch around.

Bitch (verb): to whine or complain all the time

Menstruation is one of the reasons why it’s cool to be a woman. You can simply have it as an excuse if you want to justify your mood swings. It’s an amazing process. We bleed profusely yet act like nothing is happening. It’s an amazing process, a natural phenomenon that all women are used to. Though it comes with all sorts of other unpleasant conditions like headaches and back aches, it still is very much overwhelming.Β 

Once my period starts, I immediately tell myself that I should avoid being too mean (suplada) but most of the time, I’m not aware that I’m already acting like a witch (bruha). Lol. It’s a time when being a bitch (a person who complains frequently) is deemed normal.

The abrupt bodily changes that take place during this short period every month make a woman feel very resilient, strong, and somehow vibrant. I think that it makes me appreciate my body more. It makes me feel that I am meant to do something big for humanity.

And I quote Estelle R. Ramey,

“In man, the shedding of blood is always associated with injury, disease, or death. Only the female half of humanity was seen to have the magical ability to bleed profusely and still rise phoenix-like each month from the gore.”Β 

Credits to the owner of the photo.

All these or I’m actually only trying to rationalize my agony right now.


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